Jack Vaughn is an expatriate English-American entrepreneur and financial analyst.

Born January 30, 1989 in Toronto, Canada, I studied Writing at York University before dropping out to move to Los Angeles to finish making the film Cherries and Clover which I had written in high school.

In California, I founded two startups: Parking Spot Saver and Enterprise Sound, before heavily investing in Bitcoin. Now I am an independent stock trader and have been traveling the world ever since.

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How Bitcoin is Fixing Finance
and Made Me a Millionaire at 28

Save the world and get rich quick all without leaving your desk! The big picture purpose of Bitcoin, how I got a 30x return on investment in 18 months, and what my friends have to say about my advice. (read more...)

Cherries and Clover

A coming-of-age romantic comedy I wrote and directed when I was 19. It is the world's first movie "made by teenagers, for teenagers." (read more...)

Citizen of the World

Why I have triple citizenship and where I travel. (read more...)

Parking Spot Saver

A remote-controlled parking barrier I created in 2014 to help people protect their reserved parking spaces from unwanted visitors. (read more...)

Enterprise Sound

This was a music streaming service for businesses that I cofounded in 2015 with Lucas Gerbeaux. Similar to Spotify or Pandora, except that we also covered the licensing for our clients since playing copyrighted music in a business without paying royalties is illegal. For a monthly subscription our clients could listen to +100 stations generated by our algorithm. We wrote the whole platform to run on an AWS MEAN stack for a tenth the development cost of our competitors. But despite investor interest I abandoned the project to focus on bitcoin.

My Struggle - Life for the Generally Impaired

We all have our challenges. Some of us can hardly drive. Some of us are incredibly forgetful and distracted. Some are a fire hazard all the time. And some, like me, are the whole enchilada! (read more...)

Testosterone: Hormone of Champions

With it a man is: confident, dominant, invigorated, unstoppable. Without it: sluggish, wimpy, bald, old. No other hormone creates so many physical indications of genetic and mental excellence and such easily identifiable predictors of success. (read more...)

Mushroom Trip II (2011)

So yesterday my actor friend Randy Blekitas and I set off on our long awaited trip to the Mojave desert with at least half an ounce of quality psilocybin mushrooms. Wikipedia considers 2.5-5 grams a "strong dose" so since we'd be taking 7-8 grams each of a fairly potent strain, we knew we were in for quite a trip. (read more...)


High school sketches and other random things I don't know where else to post.

(read more...)

From Beyond the Event Horizon

There are many places in this life from which one does not return upon entering. Like crossing the event horizon of a black hole, growing older, or maybe just changing your mind... (read more...)

My Values

Openmindedness There is no trait more silently costly than a closed mind - it can't see all the chances passing by, nor estimate their value. This subjects one to potentially unlimited opportunity cost. (read more...)