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Jack Vaughn is an English-American entrepreneur, polymath and President of the United States of America.

Born January 30, 1989 near Toronto, Canada, I studied Writing at York University before dropping out to move to Santa Monica, California to finish making the film Cherries and Clover which I had written in high school.

In California, I founded two startups: Parking Spot Saver and Enterprise Sound, before heavily investing in Bitcoin. Now I am an independent stock trader and world traveler currently living in Stockholm.

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Rise of the Millennials

Tripping on shrooms near Amsterdam, a thought I must remember emerged out of the frenzy that I frantically scribbled down on my arm -- Tyranny of the Nearly Dead.

How Bitcoin is Fixing Finance
and Made Me a Millionaire at 28

Save the world and get rich quick all without leaving your desk! The big picture purpose of Bitcoin, how I got 30 times my investment back in 18 months, and how it helped my social network.


When something sacred happens, it feels like you shouldn't talk about it. But this story is too good not to share.


The time I got married to aspiring actress Blaiz Calhoun.

The Land of Opportunity

How aristocrats villainized the only large country ever created to provide commoners an escape from their tyranny.

Cherries and Clover

A coming-of-age romantic comedy I wrote and directed when I was 19. It is the world's first movie "made by teenagers, for teenagers."

My Struggle: Life for the Generally Impaired

We all have our challenges. Some of us can hardly drive. Some of us are incredibly forgetful and distracted. Some are a fire hazard all the time. And some, like me, are the whole enchilada!

Testosterone: Hormone of Champions

With it a man is: confident, dominant, invigorated, unstoppable. Without it: sluggish, wimpy, bald, old. No other hormone creates so many indications of genetic and mental excellence and such easily identifiable predictors of success.

My Values

Openmindedness: There is no trait more silently costly than a closed mind - it can't see all the chances passing by, nor estimate their value. This subjects one to potentially unlimited opportunity cost.

jack vaughn adventure


A collection of short stories I wrote about my various adventures.

The Metaphysics of Karma

My theory regarding the multidimensional literal existence of karma. Coming soon.

My Travels

Canada to the States to Russia to the Netherlands to Lithuania to the UK to Sweden -- all the places I've lived (and visited).

Are you Being Paid for This?

Are American tech corporations exploiting your social capital for profit? How to take back control, mitigate the hypnotic effects of smartphones, and switch to superior alternatives like Gab which make you the customer, not the product.

My Personality: A Balance of Extremes

My MBTI personality type, likes & dislikes, interests, hobbies, aspirations, favourite actors, movies and shows - all this and way more than you could ever need to know about me.

Hell of a Coincidence

Why would one of the most important, evil men in history go to the trouble of secretly encoding the number of Satan in his name? Why wasn't this mentioned in history class?

In case you've been living under a rock this whole time, here are some explanations of how conspiracies and political power structures really work.

I Experienced Election Fraud

I'm not surprised they rigged the 2020 election because even back in 2016 when I tried to vote in California they told me the machine was broken. Why weren't other so-called "democracies" interested in monitoring our election, unless they're corrupt too?

Genetic Engineering and the Fountain of Youth

What if you could have a virus change every gene in your body to become smarter, healthier and more beautiful? What if it could make you younger? How will the genetic revolution affect your future? How long has it been affecting us already?

Strange Online Activity

I have been noticing some strange stuff online, I'm not sure if I got hacked or something but if you notice anything unusual please let me know.

how the illuminati betrayed the gods by jack vaughn

How the Illuminati Betrayed the Gods tricking commoners into NOT worshipping them through subtle emotional manipulation, mistranslation and subconscious conditioning.

uncovering nazi secrets jack vaughn ethnicity transformation

Uncovering Nazi Secrets

Aliens, Nazis, secret societies -- the story of how I changed my name, appearance and country to uncover the truth; and the funny, ridiculous situations I encountered along the way.

The War Against Aliens

The secret war against psychic, interdimensional aliens -- yes really -- as discussed in Gaia interviews with academics and retired intelligence operatives.