When depicted in movies, adventures feature an assortment of fantastic action sequences that would immediately kill the protagonist if ever attempted in real life. Movies do this because physical action is the form of adventure most easily captured by a camera, but it is bullshit, like this staged photo of me in a submarine at a WW2 museum. Real adventures are abstract, psychological journeys better represented by written stories, but which are hampered by privacy requirements, skepticism, memory, and the creative license of the author. They are a series of choices, lessons, and characters you sleep with along your path to a deeper understanding of yourself. So here are some of my stories which I'm finally writing down.

cherries and clover movie

Cherries and Clover

A full-length romantic comedy I wrote and directed in high school with Taylor Marie Milton, Spencer Jenkins, and a bunch of other teenagers. (read more...)

blaiz calhoun

Married in Vegas

The time I got married to aspiring actress Blaiz Calhoun. Coming Soon

Mushroom Trip II (2011)

The time I tripped hard with Randy Blekitas in the Calico Mountains. (read more...)

jack vaughn head scar

How I Got My Head Scar

Coming soon


Coming soon

Love Triangle

A story about my interaction with a girl from a very special family. No personal details will be divulged but later mysteries about my own life cannot be explained without briefly referencing this. Coming soon.

Bitcoin Millionaire at 28

This is when things started to get really crazy... (read more...)


Coming soon

Lithuania: Part One

When something sacred happens it feels like you shouldn’t talk about it, but this story is too good not to share (at least parts of it), and though I know I can’t write well enough to do it justice, I will try. To make a long story short: the first 26 years of my life weren't great. I got to a point where I decided I was either going to change something immediately or kill myself but I was NOT going to live this mediocre life anymore. (read more...)

jack vaughn traveller

Lithuania: Part Two

Coming soon