Paternal Family History

In the early 1900s, the recently unified Kingdom of Italy was a nation where Catholicism was not just the only religion, but the centre of culture, knowledge and power. It mandated that the Catholic Church (or State) control the religious experience, and outlawed hearing the scripture in any language but Latin - which the common people couldn't understand. So it caused quite an uproar when my great grandfather was the first in town to convert his family to Protestantism.

His daughter, Bruna, a poor farm girl, was engaged to marry my grandfather, Emmanuel, whose family owned the olive farm she worked on, but at age 19, he went to Germany to fight for the Axis as a sergeant in WWII. But while stationed near Stuttgart, his superiors back home decided to betray Germany and join the Allies, so Emmanuel was promptly arrested. Imprisoned by the people he had fought to defend, he endured years of slave labour, degradation and near starvation during his "prime eating years" on potato skins and thoughts of his fiancé, who was still waiting for him back home. At the end of the war he was released and hurried back to marry Bruna and move with her to Canada where my father Jim was born in 1957.

Maternal Family History

My great grandmother, Pia Cudrig, then an unmarried Austro-Hungarian house servant, gave birth to my grandmother Marina in Rome in the year 1944. Having never known her father, Marina grew up poor working as an au pair in the UK, where she met her future husband, Al, a General Manager for British Airways. They wed and had their only child, Lara, in London in 1962. At age eight, she moved to Canada where she would go on to study Economics at York University before getting a job at Scotiabank, where she met another York graduate from its prestigious Schulich School of Business, my father Jim. They wed in May 1984, and started saving to buy a house in Maple, Ontario where I would be born five years later.

jack vaughn young toddler babyjack vaughn young boy


Early Years


I was 2 weeks late, as usual for me


My younger brother, we were very close, but haven't talked in years


Conservative upper middle class upbringing in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Catholic High School

Conflicts with Dogma

I didn't like the unquestioning, puritanical culture

Creative Rebellion

Rebelled with some light truancy, making mildly controversial art, and by reading Ayn Rand or Socrates


My very cute first relationship. Reminds me of the Arcade Fire song Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Writing Cherries and Clover

A coming-of-age romantic comedy I wrote in high school and later filmed. See Film


Residence Life

I loved living on campus at York University

Film School Rejection

Denied admission, despite my GPA in the 95th percentile, because there were already too many white boys in film

Shooting Cherries and Clover

Took advice from my boss Dave King and made my film anyways. See Film

Dropping Out

One of the best choices of my life


Moving to California

My initial idea of "escaping privilege" in Los Angeles ended up landing me beachside in Santa Monica, CA


Got into lots of fun trouble with this crazy Boston playboy. See Mushroom Trip II

Amazing Santa Monica Apartment

I put up a wall and sublet the spare bedroom of this subsidized apartment for more than the total rent, giving me free time to invest in business


Very sexy, fun-loving actress. Married her in Vegas when she turned 18 and had a difficult, but formative, hot-and-cold relationship


Dozens of amazing roommates from all over the world, like future millionaire Jonathan Perichon, many aspiring actresses, and even a Rothschild

Parking Spot Saver

Taught myself electrical engineering and programming to develop this device and company. See Technology

Software Engineering

I had jobs and opportunities with many startups and icons like Roger Ver and billionaire Matthew Mellon though I prefered my own projects

Enterprise Sound

A music platform I cofounded with roommate Lucas Gerbeaux


My ex cheated on me so I divorced her right before becoming a millionaire



Moved to Nashville for 3 months to escape California taxes and get a taste of the South



Six incredible months in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Lithuania, the Netherlands

Fell for this Lithuanian girl and spent two years living in Utrecht & Kaunas