Cherries and Clover

A Movie Made by Teenagers, for Teenagers

Cherries and Clover is a 2013 Canadian coming-of-age romantic comedy I wrote and directed when I was 19 starring Taylor Marie Milton and Spencer Jenkins. The entire cast, crew and development team were all composed exclusively of volunteers between 14 and 19 years of age so it is the world's first feature length film made "by teenagers, for teenagers."

When Clover's (Spencer Jenkins) childhood friend, Cherries (Taylor Marie Milton), returns to his hometown after a ten year separation, he finds himself immediately attracted to her still outgoing, spontaneous personality. It isn't long before their rekindled friendship develops into a sweet, quirky romance - but how long will it last?

Cherries and Clover is available to rent or own on Amazon Instant Video and DVD.


Selected Scene - "Jump"

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