How Bitcoin is Fixing Finance (and Made Me a Millionaire at 28)

Save the world and get rich quick all without leaving your desk! My take on the big picture purpose of Bitcoin, how I got a 30x return on investment in 18 months, and what my friends have to say about my advice. (read more...)

Have You Met Tom?

This is Tom. He works at some financial firm that will return your calls. He still needs to work an office job even though he is great with money. His purpose is to use social skills to seem responsible and knowledgable despite not actually being told anything useful by the board of directors. He is not even an analyst (they are too mean for clients), he is essentially just a salesman, but he will still give you common sense advice that you can kinda understand and agree with in under an hour. He will leave you feeling confident and secure when you should be insecure and afraid. So very, truly afraid.

Stock Trading - It's All Luck!

Watch this sucker lose $1500 in 3 minutes. Here's a tip - if you care about such small sums of money - you shouldn't be trading at all.