My Struggle

Life for the Generally Impaired

We all have our challenges. Some of us can hardly drive. Some of us are incredibly forgetful and distracted. Some are a fire hazard all the time. And some, like me, are the whole enchilada! I don't even know what an enchilada is, but I'm trying to refer to that Mexican dish that probably has lots of cheese. Maybe I do know. Basically what I'm trying to do is introduce a list of things I have a hard time with. So here they are:

Time Management

I just don't do it. I exist outside the local timezone. For example, right now I am typing this at 2:29 in the morning and don't know what day it is. Monday? No it is Thursday. Well you get the idea.

Color Blindness

I'm not sure how much this affects my life but I can't really see the difference between certain colours. Like blue and purple, or green and brown, or any low-saturated color and grey.


But I'm working on ways to reduce this, like cutting negative people out of my life and avoiding reading news sources with depressive rather than informative articles.

Understated Sense of Humor

I asked this girl if her username, HubbaBubba, was her real name and she took me seriously.

Opening Plastic Bags

When you're in the checkout line, and everyone is counting on you, I just can't open them. And then once the cashier opens it I jam everything inside in a panic. Do the eggs go in last? I have no idea.