Here's a summary of my beliefs regarding some popular concerns. Keep in mind that these are complicated issues and that my layered thought cannot be fully expressed in this format.


Abortion should always be legal, even late-term, because the woman may not know how she will feel about it until the last minute.


Legalize all drugs.


Capitalism is the most efficient way to improve the quality of life for everyone but the so-called "capitalism" we have today is the opposite because special interests have corrupted the laws to prevent fair competition. So I would support some wealth redistribution to rectify this injustice.


I have great respect for nature and would love to see some realistic solutions implemented.


The people should be allowed to defend themselves from criminals or oppressive governments. They also reduce domestic violence.


People should be free to do what they want.


I dislike prejudice not because it is mean but because it is stupid.

Wealth Redistribution

Generally people should keep what they earn but the game didn't start fair so if we are to compensate for that we should focus on the billionaires, not the millionaires. Don't attack the decoy, unite against our shared and most profitable target.