Testosterone: Hormone of Champions


With it a man is: confident, dominant, invigorated, unstoppable. Without it: sluggish, wimpy, bald, old. No other hormone creates so many indications of genetic and mental excellence and such easily identifiable predictors of success.

Why It Is Important

One of the basic laws of nature is that we must win competitions in order to prosper, feel happy, and verile. Testosterone is the reinforcer of this process: the more you win, the more you make, ad infinitum. So if a man has high testosterone, it suggests he is a winner, both in the past and likely the future.

How to Recognize A Champion

Social Indications

Men with high testosterone tend to seem like athletes or successful business men. They walk with a swagger and speak in a confident tone of voice. They usually can't dance or express emotions verbally and less frequently notice how they (or others) are feeling. But with that machismo, comes a powerful energy in increasingly short supply.

Physical Indications
High TestosteroneLow Testosterone
Muscles, FitnessToo fat or frail
Strong facial hair or stubbleBald head or patchy beard
Deep voiceHigh voice
High libidoLow libido
Energetic, motivatedLazy, tired, apathetic

How to Increase It Naturally

Vigorous exercise, particularly that which increases muscle mass (like weightlifting) combined with a rich diet full of animal proteins and adequate deep sleep in a dark, quiet room all contribute to raising testosterone levels naturally.

Career Benefits

Men with high testosterone generally make for driven, intelligent, ambitious employees or business partners. A team comprised or led by such champions (but also balanced by some feminine energy) is likely to attain great economic success.

Sex Life

High testosterone increаses sexual appetite, improves performance and heightens genital sensitivity. It also makes one more attractive to the opposite sex, resulting in a greater number and higher quality of mates.

Psychological Benefits

In order for a mind to function optimally, the body requires homeostasis: a finely-tuned balance of hormones in the bloodstream. So adequate testosterone production will not only improve physical performance but mental as well.

Avoiding Soy

Be sure to avoid soy products because they contain phytoestrogens (yes - estrogen) which feminize men and are not naturally produced or consumed by men. Soy is a cheaply producible cash crop with a lot of economic benefactors trying to normalize its over-consumption but its detrimental health effects on men (and even our economy) must be better mitigated.